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Black Lantern Publishing was founded in 2009 by publisher & Editor-in-Chief, Rebecca A. Huggins.  It began its little life as an online magazine, and has since become an E-Zine and print magazine, which is available four times per year in the months of August, November, February and May.  BLP has one imprint, CROW Magazine, a magazine for middle and young adult readers, which was founded in 2011.

Now don't take our word for it.  You can see how great Black Lantern is for yourself (we're not in the least bit bias) by purchasing a subscription or a copy of our Fall issue--now available--at our Web Store, or you can read an excerpt!
Here at Black Lantern, we have a taste for the macabre--but what precisely do we mean by that? 


 [adjective muh-kah-bruh, -kahb, -kah-ber 
gruesome and horrifying; ghastly; horrible.
of, pertaining to, dealing with, or representing death, especially its grimmer or uglier aspect.
When we think of macabre fiction, we recall the works of famous Gothic novelists such as Ambrose Bierce, Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the Bronte sisters, Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde, Mary Shelley, Bram Stoker, and Charles Dickens.  Perhaps what is most appealing of the macabre is its ability to entertain through suspense, stimulating settings, engaging characters and enduring plot lines.  What macabre fiction accomplishes is to illicit a feeling in its readers and to impress itself into one's mind through a variety of forms--be it mystery, fantasy, magical realism, historical or mild horror.  Macabre fiction has outlasted many centuries, and while it has transformed slightly over the years, it has remained a highly-influential form of literature.
We hope that we've given you a little insight into our love of the macabre, and encourage you to purchase a copy of our magazine and enjoy the macabre as it continues to delight its readers in the 21st century.  

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Please note that Black Lantern Publishing has recently changed its submission dates.  Currently we are NOT accepting submissions.  Submissions which are sent after August 1, 2010, will be recycled and unread. When our general submissions reopen, we will be accepting submissions during the following months:

Winter Issue: December 1st-February 1st.  (Closed to submissions the month of February)
Spring Issue:  March 1st-May 1st.  (Closed to submissions the month of May)
Summer Issue:  June 1st-August 1st. (Closed to submissions the month of August).
Fall Issue:  September 1st-November 1st. (Closed to submissions the month of November)

Black Lantern Publishing releases four online journals per year, and one "best of" print edition, yearly.  We do not read submissions during the months of February, May, August, and November, as we are preparing the issues for publication online during those months.  Please observe these dates, and submit your work accordingly.  Submissions that are received after the deadline, will not be read.  You may receive an email notifying you that submissions are closed for that month, and to resubmit for the following issue.

All writers and artists that are published in our online journal may be published in our print collection.  Those works will appear in both the online and print edition.  These works are selected by the Editor-in-Chief and the publishing house staff.  Requests for exclusive publication in either the print or online edition will be ignored or denied.