BLP's Issue No. 7

Table of Contents
Short Fiction 
Story of a Gulch, by Matthew C. Funk
Basket Case, by Nabeela M. Rehman
A Robin’s Sounds, by Gene Fehler
BLP’s 2012 Mystery Writer’s Contest Winners
The Adventure of the Tired Captain, by Larry Lefkowitz (Winning Piece)
Desclozeaux, by Peter Schranz (Runner-Up)
Sleeping Habits, by Jenean McBrearty
Road Monster, by Howard Reeves
The Undertaker’s Assistant, by Robert Hansen
Out in War, by Caitlin Thompson
Patience, by Caitlin Thompson
One Word, by L.C. Atencio
My Collection, by David S. Rawding
The Sickle and the Scythe, by Chris Castle
Featuring Artwork by
David Whitlam, Nessa Ninona, Adam Russ, and R.I.Provorse
Cover Art by
David Whitlam